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Wound Care

ARIA HOME HEALTH, INC. has developed a systematic approach to care for patients with wounds in the home setting. Our Wound Care Team is specially trained in the newest, most innovative techniques to treat all types of wounds including trauma, burns, surgical, pressure, and stasis ulcers.

This wound cared delivery model is a finely blended combination of:

  • Collaboration with the physician and care team to establish an individualized plan of care for each patient.
  • A communication system between our clinicians, our patients and their families, and their physician.
  • Consistent and validated wound assessment system, which is clearly communicated and easily understood by all members of the care team.
  • Risk assessment for altered skin integrity to identify factors which may alter or delay wound healing.
  • Color photos of each wound on admission, and minimally every thirty days to provide visual documentation of the healing progress for each wound.
  • Comprehensive clinical care of the wound conducted by specially trained nurses and therapists using physician approved protocols.
  • Wound Vac trained and approved.
  • Policies and protocols are developed consistent with the Standards of Care of the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society.
  • A physician advisor reviews and approves all aspects of the program.

For more information on our Wound Care Program, please contact us.