Aria Home Health, Inc.

Aria Home Health, Inc.

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Aria Home Health's Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide essential health and welfare services.
  2. To provide the highest quality health care in the patient's residence.
  3. To facilitate the attainment of the patient's optimal level of rehabilitation.
  4. To allow family members to remain together as long as feasible.
  5. To assist the patient and family to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible.
  6. To augment care and services provided by our community, hospitals, and nursing homes through provision of home health care.
  7. To provide employment opportunities for individuals in a fair, safe, and professional business atmosphere with equal opportunity for all.

Toward achievement of these goals Aria Home Health will annually identify specific measurable goals and actions or plans. Administrative and clinical staff will have input into and participate in this review and planning process.