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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is home care?

A: Home care is health care and related services provided in the home. It involves patients and their families and includes a comprehensive plan of treatment and rehabilitation made in collaboration with the patient's physician.
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Q: Can I receive home care where I live?

A: Please see details about our service area.
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Q: Who pays for home care?

A: As long as you are receiving care from one of the not-for-profit Home Health Agencies, you can receive home care services regardless of your ability to pay. Also, many insurance companies cover home medically necessary home health services.

Medicare and Medicaid both pay for most of the services provided.

Private insurance companies vary tremendously in their coverage of home care services.

If you think you need home care and are not sure if you will be covered by your insurance policy, either call your insurance company and ask, or call your local home care provider and ask them to help you answer that question.
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Q: How do I get home care services?

A: There are many ways to obtain home health services. Federal regulations require that you must always have your doctor's referral, and these are several ways to obtain that referral:

- You can have your doctor call your local home care agency and give them a referral. Then the home health agency will contact you and arrange a time to come to your house to initiate care.

- You or a family member or a friend can contact the home health agency directly. You will speak with a nurse who will contact your doctor for a referral and then you will be contacted to arrange a time to initiate care.

- If you are coming out of the hospital the doctor may make a home care referral part of your discharge plan. The nurses at the hospital make the referral in this case. When you get home you will be contacted (usually the next day) to arrange a time to initiate home health services.
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